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Scripted Monologue

German Speech Data - Scripted Monologue

Banking Insurance Retail Telecommunication
per 1 hour 201 hours
Version Number
Published date
Mar 22, 2021
Audio demo Audio clips from the dataset that you can listen to.

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Use case(s)

mobile speech

Model Applications

Acoustic Modelling, ASR Testing, Benchmarking

Packaging description

A zip file containing metadata files in tsv format and a folder with all the audio files
This dataset contains 201 hours of German Scripted Monologue data, recorded from speakers in Germany.


Agreement defining the data being licensed, including the usage, manner, and frequency in which data will be provided or updated.

Data source


Seller Name


Dataset details


Domain Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunication
Total recordings 119272
File size 21.66GB
Hours 201
Word error rate (%) 0.6%
Total prompts 119272
Unique prompts 46407
Average amount of recordings per speaker 168.94


Locale The language(s) and country(s) applicable to the speakers in the dataset. de-de
Language German
Country Germany
Female | Male | Unspecified View on chart 50% | 50% | 0%
Age View on chart 18-77
Accent(s) View on chart Alemannisch (Stuttgart, Ulm), Bayerisch (München, Nürnberg), Ostmitteldeutsch (Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin), Ostniederdeutsch (Rostock, Schwerin), Westmitteldeutsch (Köln, Bonn, Frankfurt), Westniederdeutsch (Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover)

Audio Details

Words 1424437
Recording environment noisy, silent
Audio format WAV
Bits per sample 16
Device type mobile
Communication band broadband
Sample rate 16kHz

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