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Sell your AI assets on the world's leading AI Marketplace.
Why the marketplace? is where the world goes to buy, sell, or order top-quality AI assets. Partner with us to sell your AI data, tools, and models to a global audience of AI professionals.
Open new sales channels
Leverage our global platform to increase your own brand awareness.
Gain market intel
We offer an initial re-sell consultation, where you can leverage our internal/market intel.
Get marketing support
Our marketing engine ensures media coverage and dedicated marketing support of your assets.
Sell without the hassle
We take care of all customer facing functions, including payment transactions; asset hosting; fulfilment; ongoing customer support; and more.
Monetize added value
Where applicable, will unlock additional value from your unstructured datasets via custom annotations.
Today’s marketplace
One-time purchase or subscription plans.
Customers get rich information on speech data inventory, including:
  • Demographics
  • Accents and phonetic distribution
  • Age and gender distribution
  • Model usage application
  • Downloadable 30-minute samples
  • Audio metadata detail
  • Curate for yourself from an existing set specific metadata/dialectal variations (e.g., New York en-US; coming soon)
Next steps
1 Evaluate asset samples
Help us help you determine asset value and re-sell.
2 Agree to terms
Discuss Term Sheet and Publisher Agreement.
3 Onboard
Get your goods on the catalog, and in sales’ hands.
Let us handle the awareness, lead generation, and sales training/execution.
5 Get paid
We plough back rev share dollars to you. — is ethical AI
Our company's foundation is based on these principles.
Ethical data sourcing
We source our data ethically, whether by crowd or by professional linguists.
Buy confidentially with our transparent processes and detailed metadata.
Risk-free data
Our data meets all international privacy standards, such as GDPR.
Bias-aware ethos
Developers are creating an accessible AI for everyone, regardless of race, accent, language, age, gender, or disability.
Sell your AI assets on the world’s leading AI marketplace